Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Obstacle Is Actually the Doorway

As I prepare to tackle Lilli in Kiss Me Kate I've been working hard to get myself into shape vocally. I've been concerned (read OBSESSED) with "I Hate Men" because it seems to require a more "belty" sort of sound and I'm a more legit sort of singer. I've spent hours working on my sound trying to produce something that might pass for belt. Yes, I was breaking one of my own rules - bringing expectations. I'd become so absorbed with the sound that I had completely forgotten that my true goal was communication. I was imposing a certain sound on the song and myself - leaving little room for innovation. It was my voice teacher, Forrest, who brought me into the light. "You just need to tear this whole thing apart and make it your own whole new creation." DOINK!! Of course - and then the ideas came in droves about how to make this wonderful song my own and how to use it to show off MY vocal skills - not try to imitate someone else. What I had perceived as my obstacle was actually my greatest gift. I'm a little embarrassed that I didn't see this myself but it's a perfect example of how we block ourselves from creating. We make up stories about how something NEEDS to be. We invent these phantoms that keep us from our art and if we're lucky a smart, joyful voice teacher (with the energy of a spider monkey on crack) will show us that our phantoms are not real and will then gently lead us back to our work.

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