Friday, February 19, 2010


This was my HAPPY highlight of the week. My little friend Emily invited me to read to her First Grade class. My daughter is now 13 so I don't get to do the read aloud thing anymore and I miss it. I love children's books and I love sharing books by reading aloud. I loved the energy and exhuberance of the first graders, the giggles, the questions, the wiggles, and I love how the little dude in the Phillies shirt wandered into our picture!! Mostly I loved the GIGANTIC hug I received from Emily when I entered the classroom. I wish it all could have lasted longer - it was one great big HAPPY!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I'm late to the party - I know. I've been involved in a project that was MUCH more all consuming than I had anticipated. I've been doing what I LOVE which is what it's all about but this was almost an overdose. I'm looking forward to visiting blogs and seeing all the happiness and joy and fun! This week for me -it was snow. I once lived in Minnesota where snow was an everyday experience. Now I live in Jew Jersey where snow is an event. I like that. It stopped everything here for about a day which was good for me. It gave me time to stop and just enjoy the simple things like laughing and playing in the snow with my 13 year old.

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