Thursday, February 21, 2008


I've been feeling panicked and edgy and, ok, angry. It has seemed like I'm in a fog -not knowing for sure which direction I'm going. And, when you're in the fog, it's probably best to just stop until you gain clarity. At first I was pretty pissed off about the fog forcing me to stop. But, as I examined the fog I started to remember all the old fairy tales and how the fog or mist surrounded a place of great knowing. You just have to find your way through the fog. That's given me hope. Perhaps somewhere in the fog of my life there is a tiny beam of light leading me to a place of greater wisdom and understanding. So, I'm going to try to summon what little patience I have, still myself and look deep into the fog for whatever answers and light might be there.


Anonymous said...

Juxtaposition: I find myself combining Fog with February Promise. Often in the fairy tales what was found once through the fog was an the promise of possibility. That is things weren't always what they seemed and the herione had to look beyond the obvious to find what she was seeking.

Kim said...

Great observation- Thanks

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