Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sunrise Song

As morning breaks
the baby sparrow
calls for his mama,
flapping like a sigh against the window pane.
My breath tight as a fist, I pull back the blind to see him
and there he is
Like a miracle,
a small downy earth heart
fluttering beside the cracked plaster.
He turns one eye toward me
Black as a river stone
And into that infinity I pour my hope.
Trusting one day
with him
It will burst from the nest
And fly.


Kavindra said...

This is lovely.
Fave lines ...
flapping like a sigh
a small downy earth heart
into infinity I pour hope


Kim said...

Thanks Kavindra. This little birdie has just stolen my heart. I've been watching the mama bird feed him each morning. This morning the nest was empty -! :)

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