Monday, September 14, 2009

Time Out

I've been back from my trip for a while now and might post about it later. Since the second day of the trip I have had a migraine every day. I do get them occasionally but have never had a bout like this. Needless to say - not much art got done on the trip! And, I'm finding now that the computer is a big trigger so I've been limiting my time here. Once this chain of migraines is broken I'll be back to more regular posting and visiting of blogs!! 'Til then - happy thoughts to all!


Hybrid J said...

Welcome back and sorry to hear about the migraine. I sometime have the same condition after working with computer for too long, hahaha! It's good that you're limiting your computer time.

Thanks for the supportive comments to my participation of NaNo. I need all the giantess' shoulders to step on to go through this one! ;)

IowaChick76 said...

Was your vacation at a different altitude? Marnee got a migraine every time she went to Vegas and I strongly believe it was due to the change in altitude. I've been getting a lot of bad migraines myself lately. Marnee is trying to convince me to try acupunture but so far I'm not convinced having a bunch of needles stuck in me is a good idea.

Kim said...

Nope - no change in altitude. I'm not sure what has triggered it this time.

I do recommend accupuncture! It has helped me in the past. After this show is over I'll be going myself.

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