Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I continually try to find ways to re-enforce the idea of detachment. I do the work, I am not responsible or attached to the response to the work. It's not easy. I'm like most humans, I want people to like and accept me and, by extension, my work.

In honor of breast cancer awareness month I took several of my Think Pink and Love and Strength cards and left them out in the world for people to find and hopefully use. I wrapped them in pink ribbons with a note that invited the finder to use them to help continue the chain of awareness or to send a reminder to a friend to get her mammogram. It was fun leaving the little presents. Part of me wanted to stay behind and watch to see what might happen to them but I forced myself to walk away - detach. Walking away was easy, truly detaching was not. I kept wondering what happened to them. Did they blow away, get thrown in the trash, did ANYONE actually find or use one? I felt badly for my little cards whose destiny might have been a waste can. When I imagined it, it felt like someone was throwing part of me away. But, I know the whole of me is much larger than my work. I offer my talents with joy and their acceptance or rejection in no way elevates or diminishes my core. I remain intact as does my intention.

I imagine someone at the train station drawn to the alien item with a bright pink bow, looking around to see if it belongs to anyone else, hesitantly picking it up, reading it and then leaving it behind. To some it may look like failure. But, to me, I see someone stepping out of their routine and responding to their world in the moment. I don't think there's an app for that. I think you need a fool like me willing to do do their thing, walk away and let the receiver truly receive in their own way.

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