Friday, December 31, 2010


Last year I challenged myself to take a photo a day to try to become more familiar with my camera and to become more comfortable with pulling out my camera in front of others. It was a useful tool from that perspective but now as I've been re-visiting the images it's taught me more than I expected. I only have 134 images and there are many important events for which I have no shots because I was too self conscious to take my camera out. Many times, I had it right there in my hands but I was still too afraid to take the shot.

This has been a challenging year. As it has come to a close, I've been thinking that I am anxious to see it go. But, as I look at the images of the past year, I see that there is indeed so much to be grateful for - even the loss - because it it's a tangible reminder of what I was once so privileged to know.

Most all of the images were shot on my Canon. The few that are from my phone camera are from events that I felt needed to be included in this project

This is a poor man's slideshow but after hours and hours of wrestling with Picasa trying to get it to do what I wanted - I'm too darn tired to build this on another program. That's a project for next year!!!

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