Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Project THX 2011

I've been incubating this for quite some time now and I'd hoped to launch this on the 1st of the year but a few other things had to come first. So, this is it - the beginning of Project THX 2011.

Times are tough. Things are tight. I think many of us are feeling this way these days. One of the hardest things about feeling the pinch is that you start to believe you no longer have anything to offer. It's not true, of course, we are all blessed with gifts to share that cannot be measured monetarily. It's hard,however, to remember that sometimes. I know, for me, that I am sometimes overwhelmed by people's generosity. I feel I have nothing to give in return. And then I remember - I can give my thanks. No matter how tight the budget, I can always freely and joyfully give my thanks. Then, I start to think of ways I can creatively and uniquely give my thanks and suddenly I am rich with thanks, overflowing with thanks, I have hit the lottery and I am a millionaire of thanks! Awash in this abundance, I begin remember the many other gifts with which I have been blessed and can share.

In an effort to help others tap into this source of abundance, I've started making and leaving thank-you notes about for people to use. I include an envelope and a stamp (because that is the thing that always hangs me up - that trip to the Post Office to get the stamp. I can't tell you how many days in a row I've driven right past it forgetting to get the stamps). I delivered my first batch Tuesday evening and I'm hoping folks will find them, take them and use them. Guerrilla thank-you notes :)

Is there someone you’d like to say “Thank-you” to?
Someone who went the extra mile?
Someone who sent an extra special gift?
A friend who listened?
A co-worker who covered for you?
A neighbor?
A stranger who smiled?

I'd love to hear YOUR thank-you story.

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Jen said...

I would like to know more about this project- seems intersting.

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