Thursday, June 18, 2009

5 Things

1. Seems I'm on a Bic kick. These Bic Mark-It markers work really well for me - they write over gesso & acrylic easily. They have a nice flow.

2. This Pritt Ad is great. Watch Michael C. Place take a work of art from concept to finish.

3. I adore this website - a wonderful, whimsical combination of animation & sound (and it's just plain fun). Be sure to move your mouse once the music starts.

4. I like to play here, too. Zefrank's website is full of humor and delight.

5. Tips II: More Ideas for Actors by Jon Jory has really come in handy for me. It's full of clear, concise, practical one page descriptions of major acting points. I like to just flip the book open to a random page before rehearsal and focus on that particular application for the duration of the rehearsal. You can't go wrong.


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