Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Digger's Song

I just had an email from my sis about my three year old nephew, William. I love that she was there to capture one of his initial moments of creativity. The whole scenario captures my imagination. Here's her description of what happened:

"We gave William a duplo tanker truck on Friday. After we had helped him build it, he played with it for a while. Then he started asking be for a piece of paper and markers (he never asks to color). I got out paper, and he had be tape it to the back door. Then we got out markers. He told me that he wanted to see if the tanker truck had a song, and he started coloring. He talked with the tanker truck between colors, and started asking it things like what is its name. He colored a bit more and announced that the tanker said its name was Cindella.

On Sunday he did something very similar. He had a new digger and wanted to see if it had a song. So, he asked for paper and markers again. He colored for a bit, then pushed the digger down the hallway. I could hear William humming as he went down the hall. When he got to the end he turned the digger around, and raced down the hall announcing that the digger did have a song. The minds of little ones can be so amazing."

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The Bodhi Chicklet said...

That's an amazing story. Your nephew must be something else. I love how small kids hear and see things that we don't observe, it really makes you stop and think and, hopefully, re-look and re-listen.

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