Thursday, July 23, 2009

5 Things

1. Zentangles - I am apparently the last to know almost everything. I've seen this on so many other blogs I don't know where I first saw it. Must be because it's so much fun. Mine is pretty rudimentary, I know, but I still had a great time and it was so relaxing. A real right brain activity. I enjoyed watching this video with Milliande of how to make a zendala (zentangle/mandala).

2. Since becoming a Mom I rarely get to see films in the theatre anymore and have to try to play catch-up once they hit dvd stage. This week I watched one of the best films I've seen in a long while, The Visitor . It's a film about living an authentic life and how one person can change your life. Richard Jenkins received an Academy Award nomination for his performance in this film but every single actor in The Visitor does a top notch job.

3. This week when I was at the library Laure Anne Bosselaar's poetry collection,A New Hunger, was out of place. There it sat off to the side on the shelf just like it was waiting for me. I have poured over her poems the last few days awed by the vivid imagery, the mastery of form, the intimacy, and the musicality of the words.

4. Check out Gretchen Wegner's one hand dance. Learn a little about the body/mind connection and put a smile on your face.

5. I'm a huge fan of Patrica Barber and though I'm no jazz expert I think her Mythologies is one fo the most innovative recordings I've heard. Listen to this and do a Zentangle & blow your mind a little!


judi said...

Loving your wrecking progress. dont you haet for this to end..

Hybrid J said...

Oh, my god ... where have I been! I've never heard about Zentangles. It's absolutely marvellous! I'm not a "drawing" person but this is one type of drawing that I believe I could do!!! Thank you,thank you, thank you! And your Zentangles look great! :)

Kim said...

Judi - yes I do hate for it to end - it's been such fun.

Hybrid J - I KNOW!!! Aren't they cool. I'm not a drawing person either but I had that same feeling - I think I could do that. They're so satisfying. Have fun!!! Post one when you're done, I'd love to see.

judiPatootie said...

forgot to add..i just learned about ZENTANGLES.. new to me, altho in my watercolors I used to do a lot od similiar negative space work.I bought a Moleskine notebook, started Zentangles and have done is unbelievebly relaxing. I reach for it and take a few minutes everytime i get stressed..i'm dealing with unmedicated pain right now and the ZEn part is helping me

Kim said...

30 zentangles!! Please post some, I'd love to see them. If you already have you'll have to point me directly to them because I didn't find anything on your blog.

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