Friday, July 24, 2009

Wreck This Journal

Let Your Imagination Take Flight
My wrecking continues to be at a rather slow pace. I'm following Ana's lead and allowing it to be "gentle and intuitive." This whole expereience has opened me up to a whole new world of exciting and inspiring people and infomation. So, frequently I've become sidetracked - off on to another adventure I've discovered and want to try or other times I'm just walking around with my head spinning from all the stimulation.
My journal has morphed yet again. Due to the fact that I ripped all of my pages out to make my skirt, I now have two books: one of completed pages and one of uncompleted pages. The completed pages are loose and I will eventually bind it all back together, I think.

I received Sharon's circle page (I was hoping I would get that one). I'm so delighted to have it and it looks very happy here in it's new home. In passing address info back and forth Sharon & I have also had a couple "Wow, small world" moments. I always like being remind that we are all connected.

I thought maybe this week as we near the end of our wrecking journey, I'd gather some of my thoughts about what I've learned during this adventure.


1. Don't save your art supplies. Use them up. Use them with abandon.

2. Wrecking happens - you can either stay stagnant or you can move forward and create from the wreckage

3. Just show up and stuff with happen.

4. Try enough stuff and eventually you'll like something.

5. Not everything has to be good

6. In fact, it's OK for some things to suck because you might just learn something from that.

7. If you don't learn anything - that's OK, too.

8. Breaking down barriers in one area of your life will open doors in other parts of your life.

9. There is a big, wonderful, inspiring community of creative people on the internet - WOW!!!

10. Anything & everything can be used to make art.

11. Sometimes working with friends can really spark your creativity

12. Sometimes working alone can.

13. And the biggie - lucky number 13 is...TRUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Sherri said...

I love this post. What great lessons! I've learned some of these same ones through the Wreck This Journal group- particularly 1, 4, 5, 8, and 9. Happy wrecking!

Jennifer Lee said...

Fantastic post and awesome pages. Thanks for sharing your insightful lessons!

Lawendula said...

I agree with every of the 13 points- yes!
Great wrecking, great fun! Go on :)

WrightStuff said...

Hey Kim - you could almost be me! I've learnt all those lessons too - it has been so great to share this experience with you, my fellow wreckers (for me, that is definitely the best bit!)

Grammy said...

Awesome! You are such a brave wrecker and having so much fun. See ya.

Hybrid J said...

Same here, I looooove your post. Such great lessons and it applies to all areas of a creative life. Well said and great wreck work! ;)

Jamie Ridler said...

Wonderful! What a beautiful list you've created. It would be a fabulous poster! I think I might just print it up and add it to my journal! I hope that's okay with you :)

Here's to your beautiful, creative, brave wrecking.

Rowena said...

That is pretty good wreckage. I commend you on ripping your book up and turning it into a skirt.

I wore mine all day in my apron. Technically following the rules, but not that interesting in the wreckage department.

Beverley Baird said...

What a great list of lessons. So much we have all learned with WTJ.
Great wrecking too!

gemma said...

Great list!
I think I enjoyed this journey so much because it could just be...there were no didn't have to be perfect!
We could just have fun with it!
Great fun you've had with your pages!

Melinda said...

I LOVE all your colors and page shown here..That airplane is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Totally fabulous!!!!!!!!
I love the list!
Happy wrecking!!!!

Lawendula said...

Du hast Deutsch studiert, Kim, so so, na dann werde ich hier mal dein Gedächtnis ein wenig auffrischen...Kannst du es lesen? Aber sicher, kannst du!
Danke für deinen Kommentar.
Sure you can borrow the idea with the comments, a great honour for me. :)
If you want more German, just switch over to:
(Although it's nearly bilingual now)

Sharon said...

Kim! I got your page and it is up on my blog and living happily in its new home! Thank you! Love your post here. Great list! I'll keep checking back once the wrecking trip is over.

Michelle | When I Grow Up Coach said...

If it makes you feel better, I'm taking more than the allotted time, too! We all need to wreck at our own pace - and your pace is certainly a great one. LOVE your pages!

Barbara Martin (@Reptitude) said...

I love love love your takeaway thoughts list. Especially number 3 about showing up and stuff happening, that one is my personal favorite. So so true. This is an inspiration to us all, and a munchload of food for thought, too. Thank you so much for sharing your list and your journey. Your are a WRECK STAR! KEEP ON WRECKIN'!!!!

Kirby3131 said...

I so totally agree with number one. I opened a box of crayons that I'd been saving since 1991 I think? Maybe it was 93 - anyway, it was a LONG time. I've had more fun coloring the past two months, than I ever had keeping them pristine in the box.

I love that you tore out the pages and made the skirt. I've thought of that a few times in my journey with the journal. Thank you for that.

Kristin - The Goat

Kavindra said...

I read your lessons smiling and nodding ... yes yes yes!

I love Jamie's idea of making your lucky 13 list a page in my journal, with credit to you, wrecking sister.

Beautiful post.

Jean said...

I'm inspired by your inspire page and your list of lessons. I am going to write my own lessons.

thank you for this!

Also, pictures of the SKIRT!! :)

Pink Heels said...

Wow! Your plane looks so colorful and beautiful. I am clearly not a creative person. I literally tore the page out, folded it, and then let it go for a solo flight. I didn't paint it, draw it, or even attempt to make it pretty! LOL

Kim said...

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments and support!! And, please use my list, I'd be honored!! I've so enjoyed everyone's creativity, wrecking, humor, and wisdom. Thank you all for a joyous journey!

LaWendula - Ja, ich kann lesen aber ich kann nicht schreiben (I'm not even sure if that's the right verb anymore). I am going to go try to read your blog in German! Veilen Dank!

Pink Headbands and Curls said...

I loved what you have learned, and I am embracing your knowledge! :)

Anonymous said...

What lovely, beautiful, colorful pages!

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