Friday, July 31, 2009

WJT The Final Chapter



Hybrid J said...

Thank you for being part of a fun and fantastic creative project. I'm really happy that I have met you not only as fellow wrecker but as fellow creative.

I understood the urge to take other creative direction and I, too, have steered off to a reflective direction - which might or might not be the result of WTJ.

Your comments to my various posts had mean so much to me. I'm truly grateful to your generosity and support. And hope that you'll continue to open this blog for our visit.

Cheers and I'm still to write up the last WTJ post ... :)

judi said...

I hate for it to end. This was my first online journey in art, built my first blog and feel like I have made the most amzing new friends

looking forward to the Next Chapter

Grammy said...

I have really enjoyed all of your creativity too.

Lawendula said...

Thank YOU!
I hope we can share the next adventure :)
Take care, LaWendula

Melinda said... are hilarious. It has been wonderful sharing this journey with you!

Sharon said...

Ha! I did just about nothing this week on the journal! You are so creative tho, that I'm sure your energies went elsewhere! I hope you keep your blog open so we can continue to visit.

Kavindra said...

You're adorable!

Thank you for all the fun, the generous comments and for sharing the fly incident. It's funny and horrifying, but somehow you got meaning out of it.

I didn't realize your blog was closed before ... please keep it open, or at least send me an invite. I am just now starting to check out the posts I missed inbetween your WTJ posts. You are interesting.

Melita said...

it was so great sharing in the wrecking experience with you. btw, i took a week off too and i think not wrecking is part of the wrecking experience.

Kirby3131 said...

Wow, you hadn't opened your blog up to anyone before -- how cool that you chose now. Fabulous!! It was a pleasure to meet you.

Kristin - The Goat

The Other Laura said...

Thanks for playing along!

Pink Heels said...

It has been a BLAST!!! Keep on wrecking and breaking the rules!!!

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