Monday, July 20, 2009

Unplanned Wrecking

My "real" art journal was wrecked today and I am heart sick. I took it with me to show the kids in my journaling workshop. The funny thing is, I chose not to share it with them because I thought I should focus on them and not on myself. But, in the course of toting it from home to the theatre - tea spilled all over it. Inks ran, pages bled together, some are tea stained. Things are ruined, wrecked and all my work with Wreck This Journal hasn't made me feel much better. I know eventually I will have the choice to create something out of this "destruction" but at the moment I'm just feeling sad and angry. I guess this is one of the points of the WTJ exercise. At the terrible moment of destruction stands this choice, stay stuck in the sorrow or move forward to create.

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Hybrid J said...

Sorry to hear that you wrecked your "real" journal. It's alright to feel sad and angry. I believe we need to it from time to time just to remind us we're only mere mortals. But with time, you'll get over it and continue your creative journey.

Cheers and have a great day! ;)

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