Sunday, July 19, 2009

Let Them Fly

Tomorrow I'm off to do a quick journaling workshop at the Ritz Theatre's summer camp. I've done this for a couple of years now and it amazes me each time how programmed the kids already are in elementary school. When I invite them to "drop the rules - don't worry about spelling!" they will without fail spend the majority of their time asking me or someone else how to spell things. Most of them also already have ideas about who can and can't draw. Even the ones dubbed the "artists" are inhibited about drawing. It's very hard for them to lose themselves. I see it all - the sudden focus on proper spelling, the claims of the inability to draw -as diversion tactics. I do the same thing in my own "grown up" way. It keeps me safe and gives me an excuse not to risk. But, risk we must if we want to fly. My job is to push these little birdies out of their nests and show them that their wings really do work.


Hybrid J said...

Oh, my god! This to me is the real horror of our age! The education system has destroyed the innate creativity of children at such an early age. It'll take them a whole life time to get it back.

You're doing a great job to "push" them as well as pushing yourself to "fly".

Great Post! :)

Kim said...

Thanks! I completely agree with you. Genie Sea talked about this in her interview with Connie yesterday,too. We "wreckers" and creative spirits can help these young people find their inner wreckers and creative spirits.

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