Thursday, July 30, 2009

5 Things

The great "fly episode" has led to the "even greater purging episode" in my basement. It's forced me to do some very deep soul searching because although I think of myself as being in touch with my creative self, I keep coming across things I once loved to do and had completely forgotten about. With many things I'm not sure when I stopped or even why I stopped. One of the things I re-discovered was Deborah Koff-Chapin's book, Drawing out the Soul. I actually danced around the basement when I found it squealing "I loved doing this, I LOVED doing this." So, it's first on my list.

1. Drawing out the Soul by Deborah Koff-Chapin gives a step-by-step explanation of "touch drawing," an intuitive painting process where your fingers take the place of a pen or paintbrush. You can learn more about it at the Touch Drawing website and see more of Deborah's beautiful paintings.

2. If you haven't seen Frozen River yet, you should. It takes place in upstate New York at the Canadian border and deals with illegal immigration, smuggling, ethnic tension, poverty and the desperation and resiliency of two women. It is a gritty, realistic film that garnered Oscar noms for Courtney Hunt (Original Screenplay) and Melissa Leo (Actress in a Leading Role).

3. I always have a book or five going and last week I read one that has stayed with me. Without a Map a memoir by Meridith Hall tells a tale of exile, isolation, loss, joy and redemption. It begins with 16 yr old Meredy pregnant at 16 in 1965 and follows her as she searches for herself while exploring the world. Her writing is unflinchingly honest and she reminds me of Annie Dillard and Mary Oliver in that she is an observer in tune with the world and sees the macrocosm in the microcosm.

4. I've always liked the poetry of Lucille Clifton with The Book of Light being a personal favorite collection. This week I read The Terrible Stories and found this small collection a wonderful reminder of why she was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize twice.

5. And because they are good and hysterically funny, The Weird Sisters.

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