Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fly's Message

If you’re eating something as you’re reading this -STOP! This is gross and you won’t want to be eating while you read it. I have a fly infestation in my basement. At first I thought, “Hmm, there are a couple of flies down here - how’d they get here.” Then it went to, “Wow, this is weird - seems like a lot of flies.” To “WHAT is going on here and how do I stop it?” Bottom line is I have an old house, an animal apparently got caught between the walls and died there - and then came the flies.

I always ponder the meaning of things like this. A couple of flies - that’s life. Hundred of them - that’s a message. But, I couldn't wrap my brain around what the message might be. (I also wonder why other people get butterflies bringing them messages, and I get the flies?) Part of me is grossed out and a little afraid of their primal energy. Another part of me feels sorry for these poor misguided flies that that just made the wrong choice. The wrong choice - that’s when it hit me. The flies are instinctively, desperately , obsessively drawn to the light - any light. They cling to the sealed glass trying to get out or cling to the overhead lighting. I’ve tried everything to get them to MOVE, to go to the side door so they can get out. They won’t budge. All they want is the light - and any light will do. One poor instinctive choice is going to lead to the death of nearly all of them.

Are we like them? Can one poor instinctive choice keep us from the light? Are we desperately clinging to a florescent light and not seeing the true source? Is our obsessive single mindedness with the light keeping us from seeing that the way to true light is often through the dark? They are good questions to ponder. Thank you flies for your message and I walk away with this: I want to be one of the renegade flies that’s willing to brave going through the dark, hoping that other’s will follow.


Hybrid J said...

A wonderful and heartfelt post. Thank You!

I think a lot of the time our "obsession" is coming from "habits". Also the fact that as we get older, we tend not like changes.

From time to time I have the same problems and for the past 2 months, it spilled over to my writings. But reading your post plus my usual pondering on things great and small, I begin to see the light (not at the end of the tunnel but like your flies, it's on the left ...!) :)

Grammy said...

You came away with excellent insight. I do not always look deeper into things. And learn like you just did. But every day I try to learn a new lesion.

Kim said...

Hybrid J - I think you're absolutely right - habits & ruts can get in our way. Sometimes it takes a little annoying buzzing in our ear to wake us to consciousness(for me - it took an army of buzzing)!

Grammy - what a great practice - deliberately learning something new everyday. A beautiful way to live.

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